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The Management Programmes Offered by IICT are of very High Utility Value for :-

Fresh graduates who wish to seek an entry into the industry but cannot afford full time management programs due to financial or any other constraints.
Those who are already employed in an industry without any management qualification, but wish to acquire a widely recognized management qualification to further their career.
Those who are already working in the industry and want to have additional qualifications for the role rotation or for a better and upward rise in the industry.
Those who are already working with the industry but aspire to move into a managerial cadre.
Personnel from the Armed Forces who want to rehabilitate themselves after retirement in the managerial or supervisory positions.
Those aspiring to join as Management Trainee, Manager,Sales Executive, Area Business Manager, Customer Brokers, Import-Export Agents, Wholesalers, Freight Forwarders,Product Manager, C&F agent of reputed Export House/Pharmaceutical Companies or start one's own Export business.

Course Objective [MBA in Foreign Trade]                                                                                             Top

Join IICT For Career In  Export Management or Foreign Trade

Are you a student looking to make a break into the leading export houses in the country or are you already in the business but would like to stay abreast of the latest in international trade?

With the opening up of markets and the dream of the Internet age, global trade barriers have been knocked down. A truly global market place has become a reality in both the physical and virtual realm. This has created immense opportunities in international trade. Indian companies, too, have become outward looking and are adopting various strategies for survival and growth in the international marketing environment. Emboldened by favourable policies, Indian exporters are aiming at world markets with a vigor and interest that was not seen earlier. With Indian meeting WTO requirements ahead of schedule, imports of various goods have been thrown open, offering opportunities for savvy businessmen.

The rapid growth of exports and imports in the country has thrown open the doors to highly rewarding job opportunities for career seekers and entrepreneurs. An international trade practitioner needs to be knowledgeable about the global trade environment, factors affecting it, rules and regulations and a host of practical issues facing the international trade, community. Professionals and businessmen who are already in the field need to stay updated with the latest market dynamics, policies and practices. For career seekers, vacancies typically come up in the marketing, documentation, shipping and packaging departments of international trading houses as well as corporate organizations with international operations. New recruits are appointed as executives or trainees in functions like export management, pricing, sourcing, costing, export market research, distribution, freight marketing, export finance, documentation, and foreign exchange.

Course Overview

The Foreign Trade Management course offers a global perspective and helps build a solid foundation and under-standing of the factors affecting the global marketplace. It is important today that those who are involved in international trade understand the entire process from a practical, customer driven viewpoint. The Export Management course on the Exporting-Importing Environment offers you this information in easy to grasp modules with the help of trained and experienced faculty. The course is an excellent skills building course for the new entrant as well as for experienced exporters who would like to revisit the discipline and update themselves on latest trends in the global marketplace. This course focuses on the concerns of practicing international trade professionals and has been designed to build a sound foundation and understanding of the factors affecting the global marketplace. All of the major concepts and terminology of international trade are addressed in the hands-on activities and topic papers that form the basis of this course.

What you will learn?                                                                                                                   Top

As a result of the group and individual activities included in this course, the student will acquire the following knowledge and skills that can be applied to the workplace:

· Decide if you are ready to export.
· Evaluate your company's export potential.
· Choose foreign markets.
· Select your distribution channels.
· Write your export mini plan.
· Know your financing alternatives and payment methods.
· Obtain your export-license.
· Prepare export documents correctly.
· Pack and ship your products the right way.

Nature of work

Foreign Trade Management work can be divided in the following work profiles:

Export Managers

Export Managers work from offices to coordinate with the global traders. The job of Export managers require negotiating sales, distribution, trade contracts and expediting payments.

Customer Brokers

They are intermediaries between importers and customer services. They file appropriate documents to complete the necessary formalities. They often act as intermediaries with government departments.

Import-Export Agents                                                                                                                   Top

They are contractors working for several clients. They coordinate between import-export firms and foreign and domestic buyers and sellers. They also plan the delivery of goods, see export-import tax assessment, custom formalities and act as trade representatives while the freight handling is done.


They are the buyers of domestic as well as imported goods. For sale. They procure material in which they are dealing from the producers and supply to traders. They specialise in buying or selling of specific goods.

Freight Forwarders

They are agents for exporters who are responsible for cargo movement. They are conversant with shipping facilities, freight cost, port charges, documentation charges, insurance costs etc. They are incharge of the timely and cost effective methods of movement.


Apart from a few courses requiring +2 pass out, most of the courses demand graduate in any discipline.

Personal Characteristics

Good communication skills, the ability to analyse quickly, make purchase decisions, well trained in marketing, trading, finance, documentation, packaging etc.

Employment avenues

The following are the areas where export management students get employment:

Export Houses, Export Department of Companies, Export promotion Councils, Export Processing Zones, Export Oriented Units, Training Houses, Star Trading Houses, Development Authorities & Commodity Boards, Cargo Clearing and Handing Agents.


In this field there are two areas of work one can choose from, one is merchandising and the other is production. The growth and salaries are more or less the same in both these areas. In merchandising, one begins as an Assistant Merchandiser, with a starting salary of around Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 9,000, depending upon the export houses he/she is associated with. One can begin as an assistant production manager, at the same pay.
After working for sometime, one moves up the ladder as merchandiser, and then as senior merchandiser or as production manager and senior product manager. The salary at this level range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000. Growth is a countinous process in this industry, it takes around 2 to 3 years to reach the Rs. 15,000 + stage.

Course Objective [MBA in Pharmaceutical Marketing]                                                                                        Top

The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is making rapid strides and the winds of change, globalisation and liberalisation is fast penetrating into the industry. It is therefore felt that a separate programme in Pharmaceutical Marketing should be floated in order to meet the emerging paradigm shifts in this industry. This course has been designed with the help of eminent experts so as to match the needs of the industry as well as that of the aspirant who wants to crave a niche for himself in the world of Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Course Objective [MBA in Marketing and Sales]

Primary aim of this programme is to equip prospective Marketing Executives to understand the complex situations involved in the field of marketing. The course structure is designed to sharpen the analytical and decision-making skills of the students. This programme provides an array of highly relevant pragmatic subjects which would be of extreme use to the candidates.

Career in Pharma Industry

In the wake of liberali-sation of globalisation policy of government and GATT / WTO era, competition has been intensified. More and more companies are coming with the latest technologies and research products. Indian Multinational companies are also changing their gears to meet the challenges of Post - Liberalisation period and to adapt and respond to changing environment. Now Pharmaceutical companies are not merely producing and selling the products but are more concentrating on the customer oriented integrated management action with managers having practical approach to simplify the decision making process. Even by a recent survey report, Pharmaceutical Industry has been rated on the top. Now pharmaceutical career aspirants can think beyond Medical Representatives and Chemists as now new exciting careers in Product Management, Training, & Development, Market Research, Corporate Communications, International business management, Production planning are open upto them.

Pharmaceutical industry has been rated on the top. Now pharmaceutical careers aspirants can think beyond medical representatives and chemists as now new exciting careers in Product Management, Training & Development, International Business Management, Product Planning are open up to them.

Ordinarily a Pharma-ceutical Marketing Executive/Medical Representative starts with a salary of Rs. 5000/- onwards plus perks applicable as per company's policy and MNC's offer much higher starting scales i.e. Rs. 8000/- to 10000/-. The senior positions have compara-tively attractive pay packets in the Industry.

Companies like Glaxo, Cadila, Cipla, Lupin, JK Pharma, Pfizer, Zandu, Dabour India, Bayer India, Ranbaxy, Orchid Chemical, Nicholas Pirmal, Torrent Pharma, Unichem, FDC, Dr. Reddy's Lab, Sun Pharma, TTL Pharma, Parke Davis, Smithkline Beecham etc. appoint fresh graduates preferably having added qualification in Pharmaceutical Marketing in their marketing divisions.


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